The Bible is the book of humanity, and its legacy is reflected in the dozen films and miniseries spanning a decade of production.
This interreligious audiovisual initiative, broadcast in over 140 countries, is now completely restored and digitized in HD to preserve this global television masterpiece that boasts an all-star international cast that includes Ben Kingsley, Richard Harris, Gary Oldman, Matthew Modine, Leonard Nimoy, and Patrick Dempsey. But the true value lies in the cooperation and collaboration between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious scholars and leaders, as well as academics and historians to present a historically accurate depiction of the stories that have enthralled audiences and congregations for thousands of years. This combination of accuracy, quality, and storytelling has culminated in several nominations and awards including the 1995 Best Miniseries Emmy Award for JOSEPH and two nominations for Best Miniseries for MOSES and JESUS.



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